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Prophecy & premonition = Pro-fer-cy Directory = Dickery I’m not a klepto…I’m a collecto (one who finds things they morally shouldn’t keep, but do anyway because they are AWESOME) Wrinkle – Penis Wrinkle I feel vomitity – a state of nausea Guesstimate- an estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation. I’m unoffendable AlpacaPons – Alpaca tampons Cleanating – The act of cleaning You dealt it, Now you gotta to smelt it. (In reference to dogs leaving the room after they bomb it) Gruugle – the act of googling Pizza Call (In reference to a pizza affair) Aromatherapize – the act of Aroma theraping LubeTube – When someone uses YouTube to F with your mind. More grosser – adj. something so gross, you lose the ability to properly form sentences. Please – pelase Noon – Noon o’clock Canada – Canadia (Canadians are from Canadia, right?) Yawny – One who is tired and keep yawning. Sunny Beaches – Son of a b*tch From my own “observance” – should have said “obs…

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